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Henry Alanna best describes their musical style as "music to listen to while having a breakdown, a breakthrough, or when you just need a break". They describe themselves as "an eclectic folk-punk goblin". Their music carries ethereal melodic lines mixed in with heart-wrenching lyrics to produce a sound that is both unique and familiar all at once. Initially from Chicago, IL, Henry Alanna moved to Wisconsin in 2016 to attend Lawrence University, where they received their Bachelor's in Music. Now they wander the sloped city of Madison, looking for people to share with them in the joys of musicking.

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New Territory (Album)



Breathe (Single)


A Series of Voice Memos (Demo Album)


Cardboard House (Album)


Playground (EP)


Simple Stories



Appleton, WI

Harmony Pizza Cafe

Appleton, WI

LUaroo Festival

Escanaba, MI

Bobaloons Cafe

The Buzz Cafe

Oak Park, IL

Tiny Box Office 

Appleton, WI

Escanaba Public Library

Escanaba, MI

Appleton, WI

WFLM House

Chillicothe Public Library

Chillicothe, IL

Gibson Music Hall

Appleton, WI

Make Music Madison

Madison, WI

Stephenson Concerts in the Park

Stephenson, MI

Escanaba, MI

The Red House

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